Siege of Darguun - Part I - The long march to war

The book of the dead

After our first encounter with the undeads, we went deeper into the ruins where we encountered more undeads and their teifling master that we dealt with quickly. That room had holes that we climbed down since it was the only way out of the room beside the entrence we came from.

we ended up into a corridor with spiral stairs on a side and a dead end on the other; of course, like good adventurers we went the dead end way and foound out that an illusion was covering a strange door, a door with a demonic high relief covered with runes.

we discovered that the runes were letters that were used to open the door by finding the right word. we tried the amulet that the tiefling had over the runes and it gave us the hint that 2 of the runes weren’t part of the password. After a couple random attempts that hurt Victor a little bit in the process, an alarm was set which Victor managed to unset but nothing attacked us so we continued our investigation on the door.

Eventualy, we deducted that the password was tied to demon names and eventualy, we found it, it was Malvos spelled backward! The door opened on a wide cave with a stone sarcophagus at the center. It was opened. We expected a fight with demons and undeads but nothing happened and nothing happened even after searching every inches of the room!

On the sarcophagus’ cover, there was a high relief of a teifling holding a book; the bones were still there but not the book. Eventualy, we finally came to the conclusion that the one that stole the book left during our extended rest but how to track them? We looked at the tracks nearest the sarcophagus and then we managed to find the same ones outside that we tracked.

After an extenuating treck in through the wilderness, following the tracks, we catched up on them, a bunch of humans, some with flaming swords.

The fight went quickly but not before their caster did the most horrible thing, he casted a spell on Giovanno, 2 shadowy hands grabbed him and he was replaced by a shadow version of him but was he cursed or was it something else entirely? The answer came when the caster died…it wasn’t Giovanno but where is he? We suspect that he’s prisonner of the land of shadows.

We had no choice but to move on so we got back to the barbarian camp then back to Geenheart on the back of Griffins. Olian met us again to give us the answers to our questions and our rewards, the 3 dragon shards.

To Giovanno’s question, he answered to seek out someone named Sahemy that Rowan knows to be a halfling but nothing more although Aundare is supposed to know who it is.

To answer Atrius’ question, Olian sent him into a transe and told Morocco that the answer to is question depends on Atrius’ choices and only Atrius knows what happened during his transe but since we are now planning to meet the mad scentist’s house and the traveler’s house, war machines seems to be our next course of action.



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