The Siege of Shae Joridal

Faced with an increasingly desperate attempt to break the siege of the hostile goblinoid forces of Darguun, the fey lords of Shae Joridal hit on a last-ditch gambit : recruit forces from its sister towers and retain the services of mercenaries to bring the fight to their opponents.

They send one of their most trusted lieutenants, Atrius MoonOrchid to Droaam to put the plan into action. Once there, assisted by House Tharashk mercenary Morocco Nightbrawler and his companion Giovanno Tartaglia, and joined by Victor Hellgrave, the band sets out to recruit additional troops from Shae Loralyndar.

Little do they know that even now, they have attracted the attention of certain powerful forces…

Siege of Darguun - Part I - The long march to war

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