Shae Loralyndar

Pop. 4,600
Leader Pericles Eversun

Shae Loralyndar, the Spire of Rose and Thorn, is one of the seven Feyspires of the Eladrin. With the presumed destruction of Shaelas Tiraleth, the Court of the Silver Tree, it is the largest Feyspire remaining.

Shae Loralyndar lost contact with the other Feyspires when they became stuck in Eberron. It refused to install a teleportation circle and counted on its remoteness to protect it from potential enemies.

After several years of attempts, it has opened diplomatic communications with the druids of the Eldeen Reaches, who sometimes resent the arrogance of the Spire of Rose and Thorn.

The major Houses of Shae Loralyndar include :

  • House Eversun;
  • House Tarofael;
  • House Elhoroman;
  • House Ravenspun.

The minor Houses of Shae Loralyndar include :

  • House Brightblade;

Shae Loralyndar

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