Shae Joridal

Pop. 2,600
Leader Taranel Tanaer

Shae Joridal, the Spire of the Emerald Lights, is a city under siege. Since it has been stuck in Eberron, four years ago, it is under siege by the armies of Darguun.

The situation at Shae Joridal has become desperate. Its population has been whittled down, and despite aid from the other Fey towers, it is low on food and supplies. Lord Tanaer has approved a desperate gambit : sending out the tower’s most experienced commanders to recruit troops at the other towers to break the siege. The attack on the armies of Darguun is scheduled for Therendor of next year, to coincide with the beginning of spring (which the eladrin consider lucky).

The major House of Shae Joridal include :

Shae Joridal

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