Female Eladrin of House Orien, formerly of Shae Loralyndar


Jaunt is an exile of Shae Loralyndar. Her interest in engaging the intelligent races outside of her feyspire led first to her ostracism, and then later to her exile. She bears a grudge against her old Feyspire.

Upon leaving Shae Loralyndar, her interest in teleportation led her to be taken in by House Orien. She quickly rose through the ranks to become their chief researcher with respect to bringing teleportation circles to every more locations in Khorvaire.

Jaunt is a tall eladrin, with long dark hair. Her most remarkable feature are her long delicate hands, which suggest a musical background. She tends to become absorbed by her research, to the extent that she can become aloof and standoffish, and has a tendency to fidget.

She works with Shaw, her red-haired gnomish assistant.


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