Siege of Darguun - Part I - The long march to war


The travel to Ashenport was mostly uneventful but rainy until an horrible roar resounded. With the rain pouring it was hard to know what exactly it was but it ended up being a rabid Owlbear who, fortunatly for us, only hurted us with its roar, had it been another attack, we most likely would have been diseased. We made short work of the poor beast and continue on our way toward the village.

The village had nothing special so we went directly to the inn which was special, it looked like 3 buildings had been put together to make it. Inside, the guests were mostly strangers so they must have been there for the magical weapons too; An Elf with a shadow mark, some people from House Deneith, someone with 2 golems of sort. The innkeeper was not very friendly but the serving people were so overall, everything seemed normal aside from the rain that never stopped and the auction was for the next day so we took our supper and went to bed.

During the night, we all had a dream with an enticing music, a bit like sirens calls and several guests got affected, including Morocco. Affected people were lead toward the beach where they most likely end up drowning so the trap was laid by a bunch of mermaids? that needs to be investigated but before that, those not affected had all the troubles in the world waking up the mind-affected people.

Atrius, Ember and Raven tried to go gently with Morocco at first, Raven tripped him and Atrius poured a casquet of Ale on his face but what did it is Raven attacking him in beast-form and Atrius bullrushing him. We then went to help the others.

We all finally regrouped to the inn where we noticed that some people were missing. Inquisitive’s Eye ritual revealed that some affected people went out before the surviving people which is why we didn’t see them during the rescue but interestingly enough, the innkeeper went out by the backdoor before the event started without locking the front door beside, he should be sleeping at the inn to begin with.

Raven tracked him to a church where we found a secret door inside and what Raven’s feared became reality, worshipers of a bad god, The Devorer, invaded this village and used the long-lost-treasure as bait to lure more people to their net. Since falling into traps is the speciality of adventurers, we descended into the secret door and ended up into a room-of-many-doors. Tracking the innkeeper lead to a closet with worshipper’s robe that Morocco immediatly shred into pieces just to piss them off.

No doors were trapped so we opened one; a fish-like creature immediatly attacked while the other doors opened to reveal more of those creatures; their language is unkown but I’m sure they all yelled Surprise!! to greet us although their claws kind of indicate that we were the cake of their party!



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