Siege of Darguun - Part I - The long march to war

Throwing the ball of discord

Morocco wanted to save the goblin’s life but he agreed to tell the whole truth to the Half-Elf investigator so he asked Atrius and Brynn to deal with him while he and Raven will find the goblin.

(I forgot what happened exactly with Atrius and Brynn )

Morocco and Raven started by the bar the goblin used to go and met a friendly Ogre that told them where the goblin lived. Going there, it seemed empty so Raven picked the lock and in we went. It was a kind of a commune where several people lived under the same roof although it was effectively empty but we managed to find out where he used to sleep but it was clear he fled and Raven tracked him in the directioon of the train where we caught up to him and that’s where the ball of discord was thrown.

Seeing that the guy was leaving the city, Morocco saw the occasion to retreat and let him go away since it was exactly what he wanted for him in the first place but, suprisingly, Raven went feral about it and was adamant about bringing him to justice.

So the game started with Raven going after the goblin then Morocco trying to stop her with a grapple that she escaped to go more physical about it on the goblin and Morocco trying to stop her again while the goblin tries to flee and Morocco yelling to him to go to House Tharask outpost and all this in the middle of a crowd.

In the meantime, Atrius and Brynn arrived and Atrius tried to calm Morocco and Raven while Brynn dealt with the crowd. Morocco listened to Atrius while Raven ignore him and went as far as to directly tackle the goblin almost killing it so good the tackle was. Morocco decided to leave for his outpost; so disgusted he was that he told the guard to not let Raven enter.

Finally, they brought the goblin at the outpost where he was put into custody but since Raven was prevented from entering, Raven and Atrius went to a bar while Brynn went to tell me about the goblin.

In the meantime, Morocco got news from Byann about the war being moved up, we are supposed to attack in 4 weeks! The troups aren’t ready for sure so we need to discover why the haste and try to cancel the order. We also need to talk with the dead gnome to see if we can learn more about what we suspect to be a faction working against Shea Joridal`s freedom.

Atrius needed to know about this so I asked Brynn to tell him that I need to see him while I delt with the goblin. Morocco first thought about smuggling the goblin away from the city but after talking to Atrius, telling him the news in the process, we finally settled to try to get an exile for him from the magistrate.

Before this, Morocco went to make peace with Raven…sort of… then we went to see the Half-Elf so ask him about his investigation and conclusions. He ended with the same conclusion as Morocco but was missing an discussion with the goblin; We offered him to do so and he accepted; We then went to bribe a magistrate and got the exile although we didn’t tell Raven about the bribe of course…who would believe that a Druid could be so thick about following the laws…



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