Siege of Darguun - Part I - The long march to war

The church`s basement

After the battle, we opened the other doors and found the innkeeper and another person. Atrius’ diplomacy and Morocco’s intimidation made them talk so we learned about the story of the village (which I don’t remember the details).

Atrius wanted to use the hostages as cannon fodder but Morocco refused to endanger what he believed to be manipulated innocent people. We kept them tied and continued the exploration. Listening to a door told us that they were waiting for us on the otherside.

So we charged the other room and fought and won that fight. Morocco decided to have a long chat with the hostages and since they definitly were not under outside influence and they willingly worship that evil god, he saw no other way to deal with them than death.

We found a secret door which wasn’t trapped but the corridor they other side was full of traps, the first one sent blue balls after us, we needed to destroy the source then the balls. After that we needed to bypass loose plates that triggers poisoned bolts. the corridor went both ways so we chose one that lead to the leader of the cult that we dipatched with difficulty but still prevail.

Everybody except Atrius, Morocco and Raven decided to leave, even Ember decided to leave us and seems to want to join the concurrents… With what she knows, can we let her go like that?

We were done but we still had a corridor to explore so we did. we found a cavern with a layer of illusion showing a false women in front of an altar and a slop going there but which was truely a 10 feet drop. 3 big statues were there as well.

Morocco steped in and the statues animated but also a strange creature showed up as well, like some kind of a giant colorful medusa(not the mythic creature, the real one from the oceans)

Raven got pinned by a statue and while we were trying to free her, the strange medusa was affecting our mind. We were in bad shape and on the verge of loosing that battle when we saw someone entered the room. We tought we were truely doomed but she was an ally!!! With her effective help, we finally won.

We didn`t have time to make good aquintance with her but her name is Brynne and she came from Droaam with 2 letters, one for Morocco and one for Atrius, and a gift which turned out to be the head of a gnome Morocco talked to at Meera’s keep, with the word traitor gouged on his forehead.

Morocco doesn’t remember saying anything harmful to the mission to the gnome but did he without knowing it? that needs to be investigated.



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