Siege of Darguun - Part I - The long march to war

Korranberg Chronicle - Dravago 15th


by Jarmuch Olmstead

The Korranberg Chronicle has learned that the hamlet of Ashenport, located in the north of Aundair on the Eldeen Bay, has suffered some sort of attack. At the moment, details are scarce, but a spokesperson for the Aundair military establishment have confirmed that there were no survivors. Ashenport, located near the border with the Eldeen Reaches, is remote from other Aundair settlements.

Preliminary reports indicate that the scene was discovered by a trader who had heard about a fair for magical items at Ashenport scheduled for earlier this month. The trader had been delayed by torrential rains. The town would have been deserted and subsequent investigation by the authorities has failed to turn up any indication of what happened to the inhabitants.

Could this herald an attempt by the druids of the Eldeen Reaches to take over additional territory in the sparsely populated north? Does the attack on Ashenport have something to do with the apparent fair for magical items? The spokesperson for the Aundair military did not deny the possibility, adding that the manner in which inhabitants of the ill-fated town seem to have vanished does not preclude the involvement of some sort of magical attack, druidic or otherwise.

Reached for comment, General Avram ir’Wynarn stated “It goes without saying that any attack on a part of Aundair is an attack on the whole of Aundair. All those who underestimate the strength and resolve of Aundair and her queen do so at their peril.”

EXCLUSIVE!!! The Korranberg Chronicle has learned that the Sixth Royal Infantry, together with substantial magical support, has been deployed to the border with the Eldeen Reaches.



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