Siege of Darguun - Part I - The long march to war

Filling our agenda

The bandits told us where Kiljack would be found, the fire caves and although a large treasure is supposed to be hidden in there, we couldn’t let Victor’s body unattended so we decided to get back to Passage and see to get a resurrection for him.

Unfortunatly, the resurrection didn’t work but stranger still, the body got stolen and while Inquisitive’s Eye ritual reveled how it happened, the thieves weren’t identifiable and where they went with him is still unkown but we believe that Undair did it to get information out of the body which could jeopardize our main mission so Morocco gave instruction for the thieves to be tracked down.

An Elf wanted to meet with us, her name Raven, a druid, so we went to meet her and it turned out to be an investigator from Eldeen Reaches, she was to investigate our involvement in the disappearance of Oalian! To our dismay, their leader disappeared just after we departed…something more to investigate but in the meantime, we got a new member to our team.

We learned that darguun somehow learned about Shea Joral’s attempt to hire mercenaries from house Tharashk in order to break the siege and they are also hireing mercs from House Deneith that is also attempting to get the Valinar’s Elves on their side by sending an emissary there. We’ll need to send emissaries of our own but Morocco sent a message to Felkok to learn more about Darguun’s inhabitants and their leaders.

A party was given by House Tharashk to honor Morocco and his deeds for the House and his courage in battle but, frankly, he’ just a big brute that wouldn’t have survived that long without a team to back him up so he hope they saw it as an honor given to the team instead. With the death of Victor and the disappearance of Giovanni/o, Morocco wasn’t necessarily in a mood to party.

Atrius went to buy a way to teleport an army from House Sivis and we learned that a large quantity of magical weapons will be sold at a small village at Eldeen Bay in undair, about 2 weeks from passage and that will be our next destination to see if there will be anything helpful on our mission. Not sure why but it smells like a trap but we’ll see.



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