Siege of Darguun - Part I - The long march to war


Now that the adventure is over, we needed to know more about Bryanne. Although she came from Droaam with those two letters, she is really from the Demon Wastes, something that irks Morocco so he started interrogating her about her patron and contacts but he didn’t learn much and decided that she was evil but since Felkuk trusted her enough to send her to us, he could work with her, at least until her contract expires, in a year then we’ll see.

The next thing that needed to be investigated is the meaning of the decapitated head. Since he’s not loyal to us in any ways, branding him as traitor and sending his head as gift was strange indeed. Morocco elaborated an hypothesis that he could be the target of the message instead since he was the one, with Giovanno, that talked to the guy at Grimstone Keep where he was part of the circus and told him they were going to Eldeen’s Reaches although it didn’t take a genious to deduct where we were going at that time so if that info costed that gnome his head seemed silly but their point of view is not ours so it was a possibility.

Later, another, more realistic, hypothesis was elaborated. Gnomes are coming from Zilargo and are basicaly spies. More interesting, there is a tower there with a large number of gnomes, loyal to the eladrins living there so that message might be that the gnomes are attempting a coup.

We finally arrived at Fairheaven where Morocco met with Old Bear Blackthorn, head of House Tharashk outpost there (clan Blackthorn is vassal to clan Nightbrawler which came into power about 30 years ago due to the mark appearance otherwise, it would have been the converse). Felkuk sent the informations about Darguun’s leaders to him.

The war-leader is an hobgoblin called Lesh Aruk; the clan chiefs are Rufus Dekan, an hobgoblin, Morgath Morgul, a bugbear and Tourd Valar, a goblin.

Darguun has a prophecy about the rebirth of a great leader of the past and they believe that Lesh is him so if we could dispatch him, that might give them a huge moral hit which would help our cause greatly. Also, since it seems that our secret mission is no longer so secret anymore and they probably know that we will be ready in a year, we’ll need to play in their head as much as possible to weaken their resolve before we could attack.

Back to the present, Old Bear told us that House Tharashk has some construction contracts and is employing some non-human laybor to do the task alongside some humans who are not very pleased about that because they cost less and perform better at some tasks and there was a problem that he’d like us to investigate. We agreed to go and brought in a goblin, Arvin, that saw the commotion and led us to it.

We noticed a bunch of amgy humans facing a building. Morocco calmed them enough to talk to them and they told us that one of them got killed but no one has seen the body and they believe that the non-human are responsible.

they let us passed to talked to the non-human. the door is barricaded. Raven morphed into a bird and noticed that the non-human are afraid and are blocking the way but more importantly, she found the body, it was down the cliff, near the unfinished bridge. Her and Atrius went to investigate the body while Morocco and Brynne went to talk to the non-human. She also noticed that some of the humans seems to have been in a fight.

The body seemed to have falling wounds only and the non-humans didn’t know much about what happened so Morocco performed his ritual that let him see what happen. The guy was drunk and stumbled inside the building; a goblin came toward him and an argument started then a fight. The human started it but he fell down the cliff during the fight. The goblins told us that Groat didn’t come to work today and we learned where he uses to stay after work.

It was an accident but the goblin’s life is forfieted for sure regardless so, we decided to not tell the mob all the truth, Atrius brought the body up and Brynne and him convinced them that he was drunk when he stumbled to his death. They calm down which will give us the time to find Groat, or so we thought…

Raven Spotted someone in the mob that wasn’t there earlier, a half-elf that came toward Morocco after the speech and introduced himself as Arrean Ellaren or House Modany…House Tharashk’s competitor, he was hired by the client to investigate the death.

Morocco didn’t want to tell him the whole truth, he prefered to let him discover whatever happened all by himself saying the House Tharask’s reputation was at stake which wasn’t the truth…well, asside for the fact that it irks Morocco that House Modany will use this situation to undermine House Tharashk but that will happen regardless.

He didn’t tell them the true reason because, at that point, he didn’t know exactly why he wanted it this way, he needed to think it out and they went mad about his decision, making it hard to think at all and they had a good point, the half-elf will discover that they volontarily hid some facts since Morocco used his ritual’s focus in pain sight so it will be a greater reputation hit to no cooperate with the half-elf so we will cooperate.

Morocco will tell the group the true reason before talking to the Half-elf : he wanted the time to save Groat’s life by sending him back to Droaam before the Half-Elf discovers his identity.

We’ll also need to talk to the beaten up humans to see if the fight Morocco saw wasn’t as isolated as it seemed to be.



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