Siege of Darguun - Part I - The long march to war

A new acquaintance

To get to Passage, we took House D’orian’s caravan, a wonderous machine it was with lots of lights. An intriguing passenger was with us on our travel; a little bit reserved but we decided to make acquaintance with him…which happened to be a her, a Genasi(?) female swordsmage named Ember. After some talking, a friendly wrestling match started between Morocco and Ember which was a close call in favor of Morocco.

The journey went eventless so we quickly arrived to Passage where Morocco met the head of House Tharashk outpost, Arlesse Valdaran, to get the news; There was not much news but we learn that House Mudany patrols the mourndland’s border and possesses outfits to protect them from the fog;

We also got a bounty hunting mission which will pay 2000 gp for the return of a bandit named Kayljak, a Human Male with an obvious scare on the face; We need to bring him alive to the king of Aundair and is accused of pillage and murder; he is known to be around Eldritch groves, in Breeland, south of Passage and possesses a well known sword, Grilltooth.

Ember agreed to join us so we left Passage quickly to find Kayljak; we should have brought horses but going from inns to inns we finally learned the location of our target, <something> Moon so we headed there immediatly.

As soon as we entered the inn, we saw Kayljak but the whole place attacked us at the sight of Morocco’s mark, branding him “Bounty Hunter” and them being bandits, they felt threatened for some reason.

The fight was overwhelming; gnomes teleporting all over the place and hitting like a ton of bricks while the sheer number of them got the better of our recovery potential so, in the end, they still had a huge upper hand on us, they were actualy winning; Morocco and Victor were down, Ember and Atrius badly hurt while the 3 gnomes, their boss and a thiefling bandit boss still up, things looked pretty grim for us but luck finally got on our side.

While things seemed lost, the three gnomes miraculously missed Ember which would have downed her and she and Atrius bloodied them in return but not before having brought the gnomes’ leader down first; Morocco got a miraculous recovery which brought him back to consciousness long enough to intimidate them into reason, they finally saw Parlay as a viable option…was about time, we didn’t want to fight in the first place.

Sadly, Victor never recovered from his wounds, we lost another comrade. May his soul rests in peace forever.

The show must go on and the bandits accepted to give the information we needed about Kayljak; it seems that the guy is a bit paranoid and knows something about a large treasure at the Fire Cave, were we probably will find him after he fled the combat out of fear of Morocco’s intimidation earlier in the combat.



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